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Marshall Exteriors Case Studies: Unexpected Benefit of New Windows in Walworth, NY

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 by Christine Natale


The homeowner, Georgie knew it was time to replace her windows because of constantly having to take extra measures to keep the cold air out. She said that even when she would cover the windows with plastic that she could feel the air pushing through. The homeowners also inquired about whether they could change the style of window that was in the living room. They felt that they could get a lot more enjoyment and use out of a new style. 


One of the Marshall Exteriors Estimators, Anthony, met with Tom & Georgie at their home to talk about their windows. Anthony was able to help diagnose the problem windows and recommended Integrity by Marvin windows for their strength and features. The previous living room window was a Picture window with smaller Double Hung’s on each side. This whole opening was replaced with two beautiful Integrity Double Hung windows with wood interior. Georgia said that the new windows protect the home even more than she imagined. The noise level from the busy highway was decreased dramatically. This was an unexpected but wonderful benefit of the new windows. Additionally, six more Integrity Double Hung windows were replaced throughout the home. These other six windows had a white Ultrex interior which was very accommodating for the style of the home. The exterior of all the windows was a ‘cashmere’ color making the windows very complimentary to the exterior of he home.  

Project Summary

Estimator: Anthony Natale

Production Manager: Bill Evans

Crew Leader: Bill Farber

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