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Marshall Exteriors Case Studies: Interior Remodel in Sodus, NY

Monday, November 20th, 2017 by Christine Natale


This home in Sodus Center has been in the family for 100 years old belonging to Cindy’s grandparents. After purchasing the home 30 years ago they had it demolished completely to rebuild. It became a bigger project than initially anticipated and after being rebuilt sat vacant for five years. When Cindy and Chris were ready to begin their project, they began asking around for names of companies to complete the interior remodel. Their son in law who had previously had work completed by Marshall Exteriors sent them our way. 


When Marshall Exteriors began the project, it was a completely empty house with no insulation, interior walls, electric, HVAC, or plumbing. The plan was to have the house completed in nine phases. Team Marshall got right to work on framing in the upstairs, fixing stairs leading to the basement and installing stairs leading to the 2nd floor. Windows were already in the home but a few of them including the basement glass blocks needed to be fixed. Those actions were completed in the first phase.

The second phase of the project was to get the rough electric installed. Because Marshall Exteriors does not employ electricians we hired Marlock Electric. Marlock Electric’s crew completed the installation of a panel box, outlet boxes and lighting connections according to the plans. The HVAC and plumbing were installed by another local contractor, Gabbard Enterprises. The home now has central air and a forced air furnace. The rough plumbing included the installation of a sump pump in the basement. When this work was completed the Marshall Exteriors crews were back in the house putting insulation in the walls and ceiling/roof area.

Moving onto the third phase of the project the drywall was installed and prepped for painting. After it was completed though, it was much easier to begin envisioning what the home was going to look like. After the walls were up, mudded, taped and ready to paint we moved onto the next phase; installing the bathrooms.

After the three full bathrooms were installed, one with a whirlpool tub/shower combo and the other two with beautiful porcelain showers, the new kitchen began coming to life. The new appliances were installed and even though there was a snafu with the sink, the team at Marshall Exteriors got it all worked out and a beautiful porcelain country kitchen sink was installed. The gorgeous cabinets were perfectly with a beautiful pantry door that will be an excellent accent to the kitchen.

The Betterliving Sunroom was installed in the 5th phase of the project. This was installed on the west side of the home and will be lived in all year round giving the home another room. The sunroom has a great 50-year warranty and is built to perform well in the Upstate weather. Moving back into the home the interior doors were hung and the hardware was secured. The electric and plumbing were finished as part of the 6th phase.

The next big phase of the project was to replace the septic system. The previous was old and would not meet the needs of the large family that would be moving in. Schwartz Excavating expertly removed the old tank, dug a larger space to accommodate the bigger size tank and then lowered the tank into place and secured all of the connections before covering with the piled dirt. 

After all of the above was completed and with plenty of waiting and excitement, the true magic of the home coming to life began. The rooms were expertly painted by a local contractor, R D Clingerman Painting. All of the spaces were the exact colors that the family excitedly chosen. When the painting was finished the flooring was then laid. Most of the home received a beautiful plush carpeting. The bathrooms and entry way received a vinyl laminate flooring in a color that was complimentary to the walls. The large kitchen area received a beautiful Pergo flooring that accents the gorgeous cabinetry and color of the wide open space.

After having the carpet laid in the sunroom, all appliances tried and tested, the entire home was cleaned and was ready for the family to move in!

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