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Marshall Exteriors Case Studies: Beautiful new look in Canandaigua NY

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018 by Ann Krueger


The owner of this home wanted to find a contractor that could tackle both a large roof and siding project for their home.  The roof was at least 15 years old and had two layers of shingles on it. With the winds that come off the lake the shingles were becoming loose and the homeowner worried about water getting underneath and causing damage to not only the structure of the home but the inside as well. The current light-colored vinyl cedar impression siding was fading and the homeowner asked for us to give a recommendation on how the home could be updated and protected.


One of our Estimators, Dennis, went to the home and  gave a full assessment of the existing roof and siding. After weighing the pro's and con's of asphalt versus metal roofing it was decided that an asphalt roof would best fit the homes unique position. Because the home is located on the lake the temperatures fluctuate frequently. When the temperature of metal changes, it like other materials, contract and expand. When this happens metal roofs become warn over the years. Although metal doesn’t break down the way that other materials do it does show signs of wear. Metal becomes rusted at the cut points, and the holes caused by the screws that hold it in place change size. These holes create points where the elements, snow and water, can enter. Although these results don’t happen immediately they do happen. Dennis wanted to make sure that this lovely home was protected with the best materials for the homes location.  The GAF Roofing system with Timberline shingles in a 'charcoal' color was installed after the two layers of shingles were removed. When the roof was completed the Marshall Exteriors siding crew began prepping the home for the new siding. An insulated foam baker board was applied and then Alside Pelican Bay Hand Split Vinyl Shakes in a beautiful 'cast iron' color became the homes new protective layer.  The new gutters were installed after the siding was complete.

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Estimator: Dennis Felice

Installed: Mike Webster

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