Work Requests in Newark

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Learn more about Marshall Exteriors, LLC'S recent work requests in Newark, NY
Vicinity of in Newark
There are a couple of active leaks in my roof.
Vicinity of Linden Ave in Newark
Wanting to replace 3 windows
Vicinity of in Newark
Looking for an estimate on a new roof
Vicinity of Prospect St in Newark
Roofing estimate please
Vicinity of Landon Ave in Newark
I'm purchasing this house and it has a leaky roof, and damage also needs garage roof
Vicinity of Decann Rd in Newark
Replace gutter I need quote on garage door. Thanks,John
Vicinity of Hillside Drive in Newark
The roof on my garage was damaged by the wind storm this summer and is now leaking
Vicinity of Marbletown Rd in Newark
I have 6 windows that are in a foundation wall along the north and west sides. The framing is old and starting to rot. 3 of the windows are fixed and do not open, the other 3 (2 sliders and 1 that swings down on the inside).
Vicinity of Stuart Avenue in Newark
I had a tree fall on my house. I need to get 3 aluminum awnings and an aluminum patio covering (roof) replaced. I need a quote for the replacements.
Vicinity of W. Union St. in Newark
Looking to have windows and a couple doors replaced before winter. Old house. Looking for energy efficiency above all else. Does purchase include installation? Can I purchase windows without installation. I'm handy and I can install them myself. Thanks!
Vicinity of Edgett Street in Newark
My boyfriend and I bought our house over a year ago and the siding is very ugly and falling apart. We would like to schedule and estimate to see what the cost would be to replace it or go over top it. Thanks
Vicinity of Georgianna St in Newark
Siding is the major concern. Currently is composite, several broken areas with crumbling. Possibly some windows eventually
Vicinity of Marbletown Road in Newark
I have a manufactured home that needs new siding..also new skirting. Just not sure you do any work like that... thought I would find out before looking elsewhere..
Vicinity of Cambier Road in Newark
I am pricing out some basement work. I have a block foundation and would like to install 1 egress window. IS this work you would be interested in and if so what would you estimate as cost. Please email as my phone works poorly.
Vicinity of in Newark
Estimate on siding
Vicinity of Burnham Strett in Newark
Maybe complete tear off roof, maybe metal or regular shingle, other issues related to roof
Vicinity of W. Sherman Ave in Newark
I am looking to have new gutters installed on a small ranch house--would you be interested?
Vicinity of Crosby St. in Newark
Converted porch to 3-season room. Need it sided once I install doors and windows. I have a quantity of siding in storage from when I had whole house done.
Vicinity of Hanley Rd in Newark
Looking at a new roof and maybe some siding
Vicinity of Pulver Rd in Newark
Have a shingle roof that is 20 years old and want it replaced with a metal roof and new gutters. it needs to match new metal roof on garage.
Vicinity of Blue Cut Rd in Newark
20 year old roof. Believe it needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of Hydesville Rd in Newark
I have old wood shingle siding and would like it replaced with something composite that looks like wood but is maintenance free.
Vicinity of Blossom Road in Newark
Hi there! I have a couple of downspouts that have come off of my house and was looking to have them replaced as they are damaged. Thank you!
Vicinity of Pelis Rd in Newark
Repair/remodel basement access door.
Vicinity of Pine Ridge Drive in Newark
We had seamless gutters put on the house 3 years ago and the have not held up to the amount of water and debri coming off our roof, we need a deeper sturdier gutter, possibly with covers.
Vicinity of Blakely CT in Newark
We're in need of a new roof and would like an estimate for both shingles and metal.
Vicinity of West Maple Ave in Newark
Damage done to current gutters from wind storm, looking for an estimate.
Vicinity of Elm St in Newark
Wind damaged shingles
Vicinity of Wilson St. in Newark
Looking for a quote on a roof replacement of just the house (not the detached garage.) The roof over the front porch and over the rear addition have at least a couple of layers, but I believe the main house is a single layer.
Vicinity of Nathaniel Way in Newark
Interested in putting up a vinyl pergola over spa. Is this something you do?
Vicinity of Bartle Avenue in Newark
Water leaking from roof and ruined drywall inside. Roof flashing and gutters look messed up
Vicinity of Nathaniel Way in Newark
Would like vinyl pergola off of back of garage over spa.
Vicinity of Vienna Rd in Newark
Estimate for a small leak in the roof
Vicinity of Colton Ave in Newark
We are currently renters of a property on Colton ave in the village of Newark. We are in the beginning stages of purchasing the property from our current landlords, which will take place approximately April 2018. We'd like an estimate done for the roof, the windows and exterior painting as they will each need to be done in the foreseeable future. We would like this estimate done so we are able to present that price and come to a fair purchase price of the home. Our landlords are aware that we are obtaining an estimate and if you'd like their info to confirm that, we can get you that as well. Thank you so much
Vicinity of Hartnagle Road in Newark
We just bought a house we need things done their was a bathtub in it now their a shower we want a combo and need some bay windows and would like a mud room and prob roof and siding is a small ranch near east pal moving in end of this week
Vicinity of Frey St in Newark
My roof is leaking around chimney
Vicinity of Frey Sr in Newark
My roof is leaking around the chimney
Vicinity of East Maple Avenue in Newark
I need a quote for a new front door please.
Vicinity of in Newark
I would like to have someone contact me about providing an estimate to put vinyl siding on my house.
Vicinity of Blossom Rd in Newark
Need an estimate on a new roof, possibly a metal roof.
Vicinity of Bailey Ln in Newark
Looking for a gutter install on one side of house where there isn't one and poor drainage is becoming an issue
Vicinity of Snake Road in Newark
Recently moved into a new home. I have concerns about the roof, which will need to be replaced in the future; and I believe there is a small leak at this time.
Vicinity of E. Maple Ave in Newark
Greenhouse roof repairs: poly, shingles, glass, tin
Vicinity of Alpine Knoll in Newark
Looking to have a roof put on my apartment house in Newark. I'm interested in a metal roof over the existing one.
Vicinity of Bell Rd in Newark
Inspect roof not sure how old current roofing materials have been on roof house was built in 1976 have owned since 2009
Vicinity of State Farm Rd. in Newark
Need the down spouts moved on my gutters.
Vicinity of Austin Rd in Newark
Hi, I am looking into finishing half of my basement to turn into a living room area, and possibly a half bath depending on the price. Thanks, Frank
Vicinity of Van Buren St in Newark
I would like to have our gutters inspected and downspouts checked for proper drainage
Vicinity of Tellier Rd in Newark
Well, where do i start? We need new windows, new siding, new gutters, stonework on bottom third of house, insulation, drywall work. Maybe not everything all at once... would like estimate on exterior work for now.
Vicinity of Tellier Road in Newark
I would like a quote for replacing my roof. It currently has 1 layer on it that would need to be stripped off. Thanks!
Vicinity of West Maple Ave in Newark
I need an estimate for 4 replacement windows...also would like an estimate for vinyl siding (trim & foam insulation included)
Vicinity of Wood Lane in Newark
A section of the gutter in the back of our house came down over the winter. It needs to be repaired or replaced. Also, a section of gutter on the front of the house needs to be reinforced.
Vicinity of West Maple Avenue in Newark
Replace ice-damaged gutters and siding. Replace water-damaged porch ceiling and identify and repair source of water.
Vicinity of Whitbeck Rd in Newark
Time for a new roof
Vicinity of Pine Ridge Drive in Newark
Need snow removed from roof asap leaking into dinning room