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Vinyl Siding Case Studies: A Home is Revived in Newark NY

Saturday, September 28th, 2019 by Christine Natale


The homeowners of this house wanted an update for their home with quality products and a low maintenance approach.

The cedar board and batton siding was once glorious, but after 40 years and not much upkeep, it had become an eyesore. The windows were original to the house and let a lot of air penetrate the inside of the home. Some of the windows on the second floor were casements but couldn’t be opened for fear of them falling off of the house. The roof had several spots that leaked with every rainstorm, and the homeowners said they couldn’t even stand on their deck because it felt so unsafe. This renovation project was right up Marshall Exteriors alley.


The team at Marshall Exteriors took this large job and broke it up into segments of work. The homeowners were provided with direction on what part of the project to start with and how to proceed after that. The roof was the first part of the project. There were three layers on the roof, and the roofers needed to replace some of the plywood in spots because water had sat under the shingles and caused rot. Once the roof was ready, the GAF System began to be installed. There was synthetic underlayment installed as well as ice & water shield on the eaves, valley and the warm walls. The starter strip for the shingles were nailed down, and the roof quickly took shape. The old box vents were removed and Snow Country Ridge Vents were installed to allow for proper attic ventilation.

The house was in desperate need of new, safe doors. The team at Marshall Exteriors helped the owners choose four new fiberglass entry doors as well as a new Marin Bi-Fold door that would lead them to their new deck once completed.

The home received over thirty new VWD windows! The crew found several openings that were not properly insulated. They also found rotted wood that needed to be replaced before the new windows could be installed. The home received a variety of styles from large picture windows to smaller double-hung windows with obscured glass.

The siding crew followed the window crew and began by removing all of the cedar siding before applying a fanfold insulated backer board. Once the home was fully wrapped in insulation the crew began installing the beautiful red Alside siding. The homeowners also chose several siding styles to highlight their home. They wanted to keep the board and batton while mixing it up with some new styles. Cedar impression shakes were installed in the gables. Dutch lap style siding covered most of the home and looks lovely on its longer sides. Versetta stone was installed around the main entrance as well as under the windows in the front and sides of the home.

The final step of the remodel was the deck demolition and rebuild. The homeowners love to entertain and they explained their dream deck. Marshall Exteriors helped to design the perfect two-level TimberTech deck. Staying with the multi-style of the rest of the home the homeowners chose to add both spindle railings as well as glass railings. The deck was framed in a darker board than the rest and this two-tone look really pleased the homeowners. To give some protection and comfort from the sun, a Betterliving canopy and a tension shade were installed.  



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