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Can composite deck tiles go over gravel base?

Potentially, yes. It is highly recommended to have a proper base that will ultimately have no movement. At least four inches of concrete with twelve inches of compacted stone base underneath the concrete is recommended.

How can you get rid of the mold smell coming up from the basement?

Mold can thrive anywhere there is moisture and organic material (like wood) that it uses as a 'food' source. That makes a basement an ideal haven. Encapsulation and dehumidification are the keys to getting rid of mold problems and their accompanying smells. Adding a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier takes care of any remaining ambient moisture, which makes your basement unhospitable to mold.

How do I air out my basement?

You don't! The need to "air out" a basement to prevent moisture and mold is a common misconception. Adding a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier will draw in yje ambient moisture. 

How to install foam board insulation in a basement?

Insulating your basement is a great idea! Energy loss from a basement is a huge drain on your home's comfort, and your wallet. However, not all board insulation is created equal. Damp environments like basements need inorganic and waterproof insulation products to prevent mold and decay. Our SilverGlo insulation panels are both inorganic and waterproof, and will keep your basement space from losing energy for your home.

How to insulate the basement without finishing it?

Insulating your basement by  is a great idea! if your rim joist is not insulated you are probably losing money and comfort. Having the rim joist in your basement insulated with spray foam is a great way to keep your basement from losing energy for your home.

My basement has a waterproofing system and it stays dry. Do I still need a dehumidifier?

Many “dry” basements still need dehumidification because concrete is a porous material; it will absorb moisture from the soil and release that moisture to the interior of a basement or crawl space. If the soil around your house tends to be wet, the amount of moisture that diffuses into the basement may cause excessive humidity. When relative humidity in a basement or crawl space climbs above 60%, mold is likely to take hold.

What are the maintenance requirements for a basement dehumidifier?

Look for key features that make the dehumidifier easy to operate and maintain. For example, SaniDry™ Sadona dehumidifiers have easy-to-use digital controls. You set the target humidity level, and the SaniDry™ Sadona will operate automatically to maintain that level. You never have to empty a water reservoir with the SaniDry™ Sadona because it can drain into a sump pump or utilize a condensate pump for automatic drainage.

What happens in a basement remodel?

Once you've decided on a layout for your basement it's time to clear out the basement. Remove all items so that you have space to work on the ceilings, walls and floors. The walls will be framed first with electrical work being completed next. Insulating and wall covering material will be installed before the ceiling grids and lights are installed. It is not recommended to cover to the ceilings of the basement with drywall. This will cover the mechanical components of your home and you will surely need access to them at some point. Trim and flooring should be the next step in your basement finishing project. To complete the project the final electric and cleanup should happen to give you complete use of your new usable space.

What is wood structural decking on a roof?

The decking on a roof is typically not a structural component, it is the substrate used to attach the waterproofing product to. The structure of the roof is the rafters and/or wood trusses.

Which wall should be the accent wall in a bathroom?

It depends on the layout of the bathroom. In a small powder room the accent wall would be either the wall directly across from the door or behind the toilet. In a larger space, it depends on the placement of the shower. It would be recommended that if you are adding an accent wall in a larger bathroom to seek the opinion of a design professional.

Who builds sunrooms?

Marshall Exteriors is a Betterliving Sunroom Dealer and have factory trained installers to get your room properly constructed. When it comes to adding a sunroom it's important to know that all sunrooms are not made alike.  Betterliving sunrooms have been made right here in USA since 1964. These sunrooms have evolved to perfectly defend your investment against the Upstate NY weather allowing you to enjoy them for many years. Marshall Exteriors Estimators are thoroughly trained in all of the Betterliving products and have the know how to address your needs. 

Why can't I use a standard dehumidifier to control humidity in a basement or crawl space?

You can use a low-cost dehumidifier, but it’s certain to cause problems. For starters, it will have much longer run times than a Basement Systems SaniDry™ Sadona dehumidifier, because of its undersized cooling coils. Energy consumption will be high, dehumidification capacity will be low, which means premature burnout is likely. Inexpensive consumer-grade dehumidifiers are designed to function at higher “upstairs” temperatures, not in the lower temperature range found in basements and crawl spaces. Another feature that makes SaniDry™ Sadona dehumidifiers better for basements is the dual air filter that traps mold spores, dust mite debris and other particulate pollutants.

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