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The Best Fence Installation Company in Newark, NY

No property is complete without a well-constructed fence. Whether it’s about securing your home, ensuring privacy, or simply enhancing the curb appeal, the absence of a sturdy fence or having one that's worn out can pose numerous problems. The challenges can be endless, from neighbors' pets wandering into your yard to the lack of a secure boundary for your kids to play. That's where our seasoned fence contractors in Newark, NY, come into the picture. We at Marshall Exteriors understand these issues and provide tailored solutions that address your fencing needs.

The peace of mind that comes with quality fencing is unparalleled. Suffering through issues like a dilapidated picket fence that spoils the look of your home or a broken chain link fence that leaves your property exposed are concerns Marshall Exteriors can swiftly resolve. With a spectrum of options, including the elegant vinyl fence, classic wood fence, or robust metal fence, our experts not only fix the functional and aesthetic issues but also add value to your home.

Fence Installation Services to Make Your Backyard A Private Space

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Securing specific areas of your property calls for strategic planning and precise execution. Whether it's a pool fence to ensure safety for your family, a charming picket fence around your patio, or a garden fence that protects and prettifies your horticultural endeavors, Marshall Exteriors has you covered. Our specialized fence builders not only consider the functional aspect but also work to convert your fence ideas into an aesthetically pleasing reality for your entire property.

Whether you’re deploying a black chain link fence to mark the edge of your property or installing a privacy fence to create your secluded retreat, we tailor our fence installation services to your vision. With Marshall Exteriors, every fence is an opportunity to heighten the beauty and functionality of your space. We confidently tackle various terrains and scopes, ensuring that no matter where you need your fence, it stands strong, looks great, and serves its purpose flawlessly.

Types of Fencing Options We Install

  • Chain Link

    Whether seeking utility or value, chain link fences offer an affordable security and boundary solution. This durable and long-lasting fencing type is low maintenance and serves various needs, including pet enclosures, playgrounds, and sports fields. With options for color coating or the classic silver steel finish, chain link fencing offers versatile choices for any property.
  • Wood

    Representing the perfect blend of natural beauty and classic appeal, wood fences bring warmth and elegance to any property. This style provides many customizable options, from the delightful charm of picket fences to the incredible privacy offered by tall, solid wood panels. Stained or painted, a wood fence gives your home an undeniable curb appeal that adapts seamlessly to any landscape.
  • Aluminum

    For the homeowner seeking the elegance of wrought iron without the high maintenance, aluminum fencing is the perfect choice. Aluminum fences are durable, rust-resistant, and available in various designs and finishes, giving your property an elegant and secure barrier. Advanced coating technology also keeps them looking pristine year after year, rain or shine.
  • Vinyl

    With top-notch resilience against the elements and superior durability, vinyl fences promise longevity and steadfast style. Its availability in many styles, including picket, private, or semi-private, ensures a design that suits your aesthetic preference and privacy needs. Furthermore, its resistance to rot and pests makes it a standout choice amongst various fencing options.
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Redefine the Boundary Of Your Home With Our Fencing Ideas

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Browsing through our extensive gallery of completed projects, you’ll see firsthand the transformation we’ve brought to properties with our innovative fence ideas. From the elegance of a smoothly finished vinyl fence to the timeless charm of a wood fence, our gallery showcases many designs we’ve crafted together with homeowners, bringing their unique visions to life.

Each image is a testament to our work's artistry and robustness. Whether you draw inspiration from a sleek metal fence or the classic lines of chain link fencing—each project highlights our commitment to creating spaces that resonate with homeowner's individuality and functional needs.

Areas We Can Install Fencing On Your Property

  • Perimeters Around the Property

  • Gardens and Vegetable Plots

  • Swimming Pools

  • Patios and Decks

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Our Other Services


Railings are not just a safety feature but an integral part of your home's aesthetic and architectural expression. From sleek, modern designs in aluminum or stainless steel to traditional wrought iron or warm wood finishes, our custom railing solutions enhance the beauty and safety of your stairs, balconies, or decks. Our railings combine durability with design, whether for indoor use or to endure the elements outdoors.


A well-constructed deck is a gateway to outdoor living, offering a comfortable space for relaxation and entertainment. Our decking services encompass designing, installing, and maintaining high-quality wood, composite, and PVC decks that promise longevity and minimal upkeep. Our decks are custom-built to suit your lifestyle and your property's aesthetic while being functional and visually appealing. 

Shades and Awnings

Transform outdoor spaces into comfortable, year-round havens with our custom shades and awnings. Offering protection from the sun's harsh rays and unexpected rain, our range of products helps prolong the life of your outdoor furniture. It allows you to enjoy your patio, deck, or balcony, regardless of New York weather. 

Fencing Installation FAQs

Do You Handle All Necessary Permits Required For Fence Installation?

At Marshall Exteriors, our full-service approach means we manage every detail of the fence installation process, including acquiring any necessary permits. We understand the local regulations in Newark, NY, and surrounding areas and ensure that every fence we install complies with the latest standards and codes.

Does A Fence Increase The Value of My Home?

Installing a fence can significantly enhance your home's value and curb appeal. Fences offer added privacy, improved security, and can neatly frame your property, making it stand out in the neighborhood. When you choose Marshall Exteriors for your fencing needs, we don't just install a boundary; we craft a feature that complements your home's architectural style, thus boosting its marketability.

Our premium materials and expert installation will make the fence a durable and attractive addition to your home. This investment pays dividends in quality of life and future resale value.

How Do I Maintain My Fence After Installation?

Maintenance needs can vary depending on the type of fence you have installed. At Marshall Exteriors, we provide specific care instructions tailored to the materials used in your fence. For instance, vinyl fencing requires minimal maintenance, typically just a hose-down to remove dirt. Wood fences might need occasional staining or sealing. We stand by the quality of our installation and materials, and our team is always on hand to provide advice, services, and solutions to maintain your fence's condition and longevity.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space With An Expert Fencing Company

Secure, enhance, and personalize your property with expert fence installation from Marshall Exteriors. We've built a reputation for being the trusted fence company that stands firmly alongside our work—just as our fences stand securely around your homes. Let’s convert your ideas into a stunning reality. Contact us today for a consultation and say hello to the beautiful, secure, and private outdoor space you've always wanted.

  • Drive Posts Up to 4' Deep

    Marshall Exteriors goes beyond the surface, driving posts up to 4 feet deep to ensure a robust foundation for your fencing. This technique is crucial in supporting the fence’s structure and maintaining its integrity over time.
  • Minimal Yard Damage

    Our advanced techniques and careful processes ensure minimal damage to your property, preserving the beauty of your outdoor spaces while enhancing them with new fencing.
  • Protects Against Frost Heaves

    In the heart of Newark, weather can be a fence's biggest adversary, but not with Marshall Exteriors. Our fences are built to withstand frost heaves, offering steadfast durability through shifting seasons.
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Enhance Your Outdoor Space With An Expert Fencing Company

Secure, enhance, and personalize your property with expert fence installation from Marshall Exteriors. We've built a reputation for being the trusted fence company that stands firmly alongside our work—just as our fences stand securely around your homes. Let’s convert your ideas into a stunning reality. Contact us today for a consultation and say hello to the beautiful, secure, and private outdoor space you've always wanted.

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Transform Your Home with Confidence

When you're ready to take the first step towards transforming your home, contact Marshall Exteriors to discuss your financing options. Our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience from start to finish.

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