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The crew was very professional. Anything we asked, they went out of their way and did it. We basically doubled the size of our home without having to build an addition.
Greg C. of Romulous, NY
Tuesday, January 24th
Marshall Exteriors had great reviews so Wendy contacted Marshall Exteriors for her project. Her initial communication with the estimator continued throughout the whole project. Wendy could tell that everyone she came into contact with cared very much about the project. 
Wendy D. of Romulus, NY
Thursday, August 17th
Enjoying time on the front porch was important to Bruce. He and his wife were very pleased with what they experienced during the installation of their new Betterliving Sunroom. He states the Marshall Exteriors even exceeded his expectations. 
Bruce G. of Stanley, NY
Monday, October 30th
A storm pulled up a lot of shingles on the roof. The hail chipped the windows and siding pretty bad. Calling Marshall's exceeded her expectations from the beginning because when she called, Adam was in the area and came right over to talk to her about her home. The crew showed up promptly at 8am and were gone by 4pm. The crew did a great job cleaning up after themselves leaving no nails in the yard.
Ester E. of Geneva, NY
Wednesday, October 4th
After seeing a lot of work around town and hearing good things, Bob & Jean called Marshall Exteriors. Having a 2nd story balcony and sliding glass door removed and replaced with a sliding window allowed for the installation of a new Betterliving Awning. Having crews that worked specifically on their specialty was very impressive to the homeowners. The coordination of all the work with specialty crews was perfectly timed. Marshall Exteriors will be the referral of choice because of the experience and craftsmanship they will receive.
Bob B. of Geneva, NY
Thursday, October 12th
Bob was most surprised that there wasn't just one or two people doing the work. He states that it was like a "machine" atmosphere where you had this person and that person showing up and checking on the project making sure that all of his questions were answered.  
Bob C. of Geneva, NY
Wednesday, January 24th
Patti needed a window that would cut off the draft once and for all. The Estimator, Dennis, assisted her in finding the right product for her home. Patti wanted to bring back the wood interior of the windows so she chose an Integrity Wood Ultrex window. This was perfect because it gave her the look of real wood on the inside and had the strength and protection of the Integrity window on the outside. Patti was so pleased that she chose Marshall Exteriors for her project. 
Patti C. of Geneva, NY
Monday, February 26th
This customer in Geneva had a really cool project completed. He wanted to enjoy the openness of his deck as well as the beauty of the view. He also wanted to be able to get out there without the irritating distraction of bugs. Motorized screens were the right solution for this project. 
Pete M. of Geneva, NY
Thursday, September 6th
Rick needed new windows and his daughter recommended Marshall Exteriors. He received the service he was looking for and signed #TeamMarshall to complete his project. Marshall Exteriors was able to take care of the small things as well as the big that Rick was looking for. Rick really appreciated the crew's integrity when they found a defect in one of his new windows. 
Rick B. of Seneca Falls, NY
Thursday, July 20th
Shelly is delighted with her basement. She chose the Total Basement Finishing System because of its ability to withstand moisture and she knows she will not have to replace her basement products should anything happen. She explains that she also had the SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to keep the moisture level down and the air fresh and clean. She says she was most surprised with the time it took to finish her basement; within a few weeks she had a brand new living space. Shelly says she is in her basement every day and she loves it!
Shelly T. of Clifton Springs, NY
Tuesday, November 14th
Fred's family wanted to enjoy their beautiful country view all year. He shares his experience working with the team at Marshall Exteriors. He emphasises his feeling of trust for the crew! 
Fred B. of Clifton Springs, NY
Thursday, May 31st
He hired Marshall Exteriors to construct a full new roof with can lights and overhead fans. He is completley satified with new space and recomeds Marshall Exteriors to his family and friends. 
David L. of Manchester, NY
Monday, October 30th
They were very knowledgeable about what they sell and the different options in the product line and what would fit our budget. Watch the entire video testimonial here: https://youtu.be/uXM_bsolBbU
Mike G. of Phelps, NY
Thursday, December 22nd
The family chose Total Basement Finishing because they were extremely impressed with the inorganic materials that were going to be used. They were excited about it and felt it was going to be a really good fit for the basement area. It's lived up to all of their expectations and they are extremely pleased. 
Bob I. of Farmington, NY
Friday, April 21st
The customers were looking to have the job completed for a few years and they found Marshall Exteriors to tackle the project. The deck was built quickly and they have additional deck space that they were not expecting. They appreciate the customer experience that had and will use Marshall Exteriors again. 
Allen P. of Farmington, NY
Thursday, July 20th
The guys did a fantastic job.
Terre A. of Canandaigua, NY
Tuesday, February 17th
Thank you so much for the great service!
Doug D. of Canandaigua, NY
Tuesday, August 25th
I have worked in customer service for years, and today you went above and beyond!
Raymond L. of Waterloo, NY
Thursday, February 26th
Thank you so much for installing the windows in my home. They look great, what a difference it makes. Pat & Billy were very professional.
Keith R. of Waterloo, NY
Thursday, July 16th
Testimonial Photo by Toni Marie M.
You guys did an amazing job on my windows. I'm so pleased.
Toni Marie M. of Seneca Falls, NY
Wednesday, November 19th
I love my new windows, you did a great job!
Patricia V. of Seneca Falls, NY
Friday, February 27th
I would certainly recommend you to anybody!
Sylvia D. of Clifton Springs, NY
Thursday, February 26th
The boys did a great job - Looks wonderful!! Many Thanks!
Lucile M. of Clifton Springs, NY
Friday, August 5th
I am elated with what you did at my house!
Ellie D. of Victor, NY
Tuesday, February 24th
Testimonial Photo by Bill L.
Love the windows, quality installation.
Bill L. of Victor, NY
Tuesday, August 25th
Testimonial Photo by Robert K.
I called you because you are the professionals and I wanted it done right.
Robert K. of Phelps, NY
Tuesday, February 24th
Testimonial Photo by Cathy B.
Thanks for coming to see us today - you made a bad situation a little more tolerable.
Cathy B. of Farmington, NY
Tuesday, February 10th
Everything looks great. We were pleased with the whole process-everyone was great from start to finish. Jeremy was great when we were doing the quote, all the people working at our house were friendly and courteous. We were happy with how they kept everything picked up and cleaned up as they worked. And whenever we had a concern, they were right on it and took care of it. If we ever have a need in the future, we will give you a call and will definitely recommend you if anyone asks. Thank you so much for giving our home a much-needed update!
William & Kathy C. of Palmyra, NY
Friday, November 27th
You have a great group of guys working for you. Very professional in appearance & demeanor.
Donald G. of Newark, NY
I couldn't believe how clean my yard looked. I couldn't find any debris on the ground. Amazing.
Kim F. of Newark, NY
Wednesday, December 31st
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