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Roofing Services Case Studies: A New Roof = Protection and More Space for a Family in Newark, NY

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 by Christine Natale


When it’s time to replace your roof, we at Marshall Exteriors know that there are many choices. Most people think the vast choices come from the number of roofing companies in the area. We like to help customers understand that who you chose is not the only choice you have.


#TeamMarshall just completed the replacement of the roof on a home in Newark. We know that the homeowners could have simply picked the cheapest option. A roof isn’t the kind of investment you want to take a gamble with. You need a roof to protect your belongings, your family, your pets, and maintain the integrity of the entire structure; and you need it to do this for the next 30-50 years. 

The customers knew that in the future they may want to use their large empty attic as another living space so they asked if we could quote building new dormers with the roof replacement. We were happy to oblige. The homeowners chose to hire Marshall Exteriors and within a few weeks the pre-production meeting identified the sizing, materials, and colors of not only the new shingles for the roof but the soon to be built dormers.

The old roof was removed, and the roof deck was prepared to receive the GAF system; a system meant to last 50 years! Marshall Exteriors was able to offer a 50-year warranty on the roof because we are a Master Elite Contractor. This means that Marshall Exteriors has been trained by the manufacturer and has proven time and time again that when our crews install a roof,  they install the roof system the way they were manufaxtured to be installed. A homeowner can be confident when hiring us and these homeowners were no different!

When all was said and done, the homeowners had a strong new roof. The Timberline shingles in a ‘charcoal’ color was one of the easier choices the homeowners had to make. A chimney that only served as an eyesore was removed and there are now two beautiful, large dormers with new windows offering a flood of natural light and space in the attic. The new dormers were sided with cedar shake impressions giving the home even more dimension.


We appreciate that these homeowners chose Marshall Exteriors to help them make all their choices easy!

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