Geneva Solar Roofing

DecoTech™ Solar Roofing System Installations in Geneva & the Surrounding Areas

The DecoTech system offers a new way to add solar energy to your home. The traditional rack-mounted solar roofing panels are bulky and require dramatic installations that significantly mark-up your roof, all for an end-result that is large and unappealing. But no longer do homeowners have to choose between living eco-friendly and their home's curb appeal, not with solar roofing with the DecoTech™ System.

With Marshall Exteriors, LLC, our solar panels are high-quality, durable, elegant, and affordable. The low-profile Geneva solar roofing system from DecoTech™ can be installed by one of our expert roofing contractors, without racks, exposed wires and without the large, unsightly equipment.Solar Elite  Contractor

GAF Solar HomeEfficient Panels With a Sleek Design

The solar roofing panels from DecoTech™ are installed directly onto your roof and they are as inconspicuous as they are high-performance, complimenting your home as they deliver maximized performance and maintaining energy

costs. The solar panels require low-maintenance and

no matter rain or shine, they will function efficiently.

Rack-mounted panels do not offer perimeter protection with counterflashing and step flashing, which protect against leaking and infiltration of debris and animals – the solar panels from DecoTech™ provide that and produce as much energy as standard rack-mounted solar systems.

Benefits of the DecoTech™ Solar Roofing System

  • Affordable: These superior quality panels are as cost-efficient as they are effective.
  • Integrated: The interlocking solar panel system from DecoTech™ allows for a straightforward, smooth installation process.
  • Beautiful: Our solar panel system is simple, classy and will enhance your home's image, bringing you affordable solar energy that is striking.

We Offer Free Estimates on Solar Roofing & Can Tell You Your Return at the Time of Visit

GAF Solar Elite Certificate of AchievementChoose the next generation of solar energy with the DecoTech™ System. We at Marshall Exteriors, LLC of New York have established a new standard in solar roofing, with products that look classy, are high-performance and requires a simple, less invasive installation than with bulky, rack-mounted solar roofing equipment.

Are you looking to go green but don't plan on sacrificing your home's appearance? Look no further than solar roofing with the DecoTech™ System. Each of our installations come with a limited-time manufacturers warranty that protects against product defects or misapplication. The professionals at Marshall Exteriors, LLC will provide affordable, long-lasting roofing services, with a free written estimate and inspection!

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