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Tips for a Lasting Roof: Post Winter Care

Many homeowners take action to fix something once a problem occurs, but few take measures to prevent those problems from happening in the first place. One example of this is roof leaks. Of course, you call your local roofing contractor when you notice a leak, but have you ever contacted them to help you take preventative measures against damage?

In order to maintain a quality, long-lasting roof, a lot of TLC is needed. In Upstate NY, winter is finally (hopefully) over which means it’s a great time to have your roof inspected! Continue reading to learn a few things that should be done once the weather starts to warm up.

Remove all debris from your roof

If there is a lot of debris on your roof from the wind/weather in general, clearing all of it off should be your first priority. The likelihood of mold & mildew growing drastically increases when debris clutters your roof, which can damage your roof to the point where you may have to make costly repairs or replace it altogether.

Getting up on a roof and clearing it off can be a dangerous and nerve-wracking job for some people, which we totally understand! If that sounds like you, hire a trustworthy professional & call Marshall Exteriors today to help ensure the job is done safely. Taking on the job yourself? Be sure to use a soft broom to carefully sweep away the debris, making sure you are not being too aggressive. A leaf blower is an effective way to clear it off as well, as you never even have to touch the roof while cleaning.

Wash away all the mold & mildew

If you didn’t clear off the debris soon enough and there is already mold & mildew, you are going to want to wash that off as soon as possible. Not only can mold/mildew decrease the longevity of your roof, but it can also negatively impact your health. Having trouble figuring out how to tell if it’s mold or not? Look for discolored patches/lines on your roof as these could potentially be signs. When in doubt, it’s always best to get a second opinion from a knowledgeable professional who is very familiar with these situations.

Ensure all shingles & flashing is in place

Our roof takes a beating from all the winter elements, which can sometimes warp shingles or even tear them off completely. To avoid further damage, mold, and roof leaks from missing shingles, we recommend examining your roof on a day with great weather. If there are any damaged or detached shingles, make those needed repairs in a timely manner. It’s also not uncommon for the flashing on your roof or chimney to become loose. When this happens, it can create small holes which could be the start of a harmful leak or allow pesky bugs/critters to get inside! If you are having a difficult time determining if there is damage/where the damage is, contact Marshall Exteriors today!

Inspect your attic

Even if you are confident there are no alarming problems on your roof, we highly recommend checking your ceiling & attic for signs of water damage that could potentially turn into mold. Some of the problems that can lead to leaks are hard to find, especially if a professional contractor is not the one examining your roof. If there is mold in your attic but no leaking, the most common cause is either an insulation or ventilation problem. If you find any water damage, leaks, or mold, hiring a trustworthy contractor is your best option for fixing the issues.

Clean your gutters

Gutter cleaning can only take place when the temperature is above freezing, which is why springtime is the best time to have them cleaned! Sometimes water & other debris may get stuck and then freeze in your gutters, potentially damaging the gutter system. These clogged gutters can put a heavy strain on your roof and could cause the water to overflow right onto your home’s foundation where it could leak into your home and potentially cause mold. It is very important to clean your gutters at least 2 times a year. Since winter in New York is so long, we recommend cleaning them a couple of months before winter, and within a couple of months after winter.

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