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5 Cool Things About January

January may be freezing and your wallet a bit lighter, but it’s not all doom and gloom. January brings forth a breath of fresh (cool) air for the New Year. Here’s what you can look forward to.      

  1. Quiet Time – The crazy hustle and bustle of the holiday season have calmed down and your calendar looks a little less full. Weekends are your own again, no more shopping lists, gift research, card writing, decorating, wrapping, visiting or partying. Nope, you can do whatever you want. Curl up on the couch read a book or binge watch Netflix. No judgment here.
  2. New Start – Whether you love or hate New Year’s resolutions, it’s hard to deny the relief felt once January begins. Forget the guilty habits you endured during December – it’s time to forget about the past and move forward. Now is the perfect time for a change and to start fresh. You’re not alone, most of us start something new in January, whether it’s a resolution or routine. Even if your resolutions don’t come true or you stumble in the second week, who cares. You can still enjoy the optimism that comes with the start of a new day, month or year.
  3. Retail Therapy – Ok, so your bank balance is still recovering after the holidays, I get it, but if there’s anything you need, January is the time. There are sales on everything! From seasonal, homewares, fitness gear, health supplements and clothes. Especially winter apparel, which is perfect considering we still have 3 months left of chilly temperatures.
  4. The House Feels Bigger- The Christmas tree and decorations have been packed away, now look at all that SPACE. It’s amazing to think how much space you had before the halls were decked with “boughs of holly” (I’ve always wanted to use that phrase outside of the song). The only thing left to do now is working out what to do with your new-found space. Maybe time for that new chair or curio cabinet you saw in a January sales flyer. 
  5. Grocery Shopping at Ease – Finally you can go grocery shopping in peace. Gone are the crowds, temptations, parking lot traffic jams, and the fight for the last loaf of bread. Unless of course, a snowstorm is on the radar.
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