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Does You SaniDry Sedona Send You Mixed Messages?

Winter is here across the US. It is cold out and there is less humidity in the air. With that in mind, if you own a SaniDry Sedona we want you to be aware of one of the messages that can appear on the Sedona control panel: "Dew Point too low to run" message. Here are a few questions you might have. 

  1. What is dew point? 
    Dew point is the temperature, which varies with atmospheric pressure and humidity, at which water will condense. There is an infinite number of combinations of pressure, temperature, and humidity that can accurately determine the dew point and decide whether or not it should run. So, if the LCD says “Dew Point too low to run”, the unit is functioning normally and it will continue running when necessary. 
  2. Why does my unit say, “Dew Point too low to run”?
    The unit will say “Dew Point too low to run” if the dew point of the air is too low. This is to prevent the unit from running when it doesn’t need to. If the unit were to run, it would run mostly in Defrost Mode, which would just use electricity and cause wear and tear on the unit without dehumidifying the air. If the dew point is too low to run, the humidity in the basement or crawl space will not be high enough to cause any mold issues anyway. 
  3. What needs to be done to remove the Dew Point too low to run message? 
    Nothing needs to be done. Once the conditions within the space where the Sedona is installed reach the point where dehumidification needs to take place, the unit will return to Auto Dehumidify, and it will dehumidify using the last humidity set point.

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