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March Fitness Madness!

Getting Started….

Before you can start the “Madness” you need some essentials. Cute, quality workout outfits (who doesn’t want to “feel” ready while working out?), sneakers, water bottle, timer, music and HEALTHY FOODS. Part of the challenge is to get rid of the snacks, sugar, fatty foods and alcohol (at least for the 1st 10 days). Then, load the fridge/pantry up with foods high in protein, veggies, fruits, lean meats and whole grains. The only thing you should be drinking is WATER (unless you’re a caffeine junkie, coffee & tea are acceptable in moderation)!!

Let’s Get Started….

Grab some of your nearest and dearest friends, maybe your travel buddies to compete with. Everyone loves a little competition, and it is March Madness isn’t it? Roll with it!

How it works:

Complete the bracket! The bracket works just like March Madness. Your first game will be 1 vs. 16. Complete each exercise and then decide which exercise won (exercise you like the best). Write it down as the winner! Continue down to the final four where you will have the chance to pick your fitness winner!


1= 1minute

2= 20 sec.

3= 30 sec.

4 = 40 sec.

5 = 50 sec.

6 -16 = reps.

Note: The bracket does not take place every day! Place the date at the top of the first bracket and workout every 5 days, rest for 2 days.

march madness

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