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Planning Your Summer

If you think it is too early to start planning summer break, it’s time to reconsider. If you’re anything like me, your weekends get booked fast. Here are a few tips to get ahead of not only your own summer plans but your friends’ too.

  1. Set a goal to get outside and breathe in the fresh air. Block off weekends on your calendar or set a challenge to camp a X number of times, hike specific trails, kayak, or go to the beach this summer. Challenge accepted: Goals can help get you to get out of the every day and do the things you want to instead of the “have to’s”. In today’s fast paced life we all struggle with that.
  2. Rally the friends or family members who are always too busy. There’s always that one friend, family member you can never pin down and whose calendar is always booked months in advance. Now is a perfect time to get on their radar.
  3. Make a list of the trips, festivals, trails; wine or hiking, races; running or car that you didn’t get to last summer that you’re still itching to do. I’ve always wanted to tube down a river on a hot summer day. It’s time to stop saying “there’s always next year” – the time is now. Research where, when and whether reservations are required and make it happen. 
  4. The more the merrier.  Not sure yet what specific trip you want to do? Ask your friends and family for ideas, and don’t leave anyone out. Check with your friends and family to see what weekends work the best for your crew. Polls can be done a variety of ways, from a group text to a social media event to a shared calendar. Who knows, your friends may introduce you to a new area.
  5. Host a kick-off-the-summer party. Find a local campground, park or your back yard to invite your friends or family to stay the weekend. What better way to kick off the summer than planning with friends and family around a campfire, drinks in hand?
  6. Stay organized, up-to-date and reliable. If during a casual conversation a friend or family member mentions wanting to do a certain adventure, be an instigator and send a calendar invite to make sure it actually happens. Continually update the details with addresses, reservations, packing lists, and contact information.

team camping and enjoying summer activities

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