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That's the Difference

All exterior contracting companies typically offer the same services; roofing, siding and windows. A homeowner can call any contractor to get the job done, but what makes the difference? Why would a homeowner contact one contractor versus another? Is it the catchy marketing message or the lower price? Research tells homeowners that the BEST companies to contact are the ones with the knowledge and experience!

All contractors are not equal. With Marshall Exteriors, one will get expert Estimators who can help homeowners figure out what the best product and service is for their needs. The standard is set with the first inquiry. The Marshall Exteriors office team is thoroughly trained on all of the products and services that are offered. The Appointment Center is ready to schedule assessments with the most experienced Estimator in the service(s) the homeowner is requesting.  When calling a contractor keep in mind that all needs are not equal. A roof is not just a roof.

At other companies, a homeowner might get lucky to schedule an appointment.  The sales guy may know how to help them get the products and services they are, 1; looking for and 2; need, that is, if they show up. Unfortunately, contractors are notorious for not answering the phone, returning calls, and actually showing up to look at a project.

That is not how Marshall Exteriors functions. They have a dedicated Appointment Center that is ready to answer calls, emails and Facebook messages. A customer can expect the Marshall Exteriors Appointment Center to schedule an assessment that takes longer than with other contractors. The Estimators meet with the homeowner to gather every necessary detail to identify unique needs. It is important to remember that not all roofing projects are the same. It takes some time to identify what the needs and wants are. There are so many types of products on the market today, there is not a single “one product fits all”.

As an example, take a look at the need for a new roof and consider these factors:  Many contractors install GAF shingles, however; have they been factory trained to install the GAF System? Are they certified? Does the homeowner prefer synthetic underlayment or traditional felt paper? Would the homeowner like the look of designer shingles more and are they willing to pay the increased cost for that shingle; or is the typical architectural shingle “good enough”? What kind of warranty does the contractor have available to offer? Does it cover workmanship and material? Is it transferable should the homeowner decide to sell the property? Do they even offer a warranty?  These are only a handful of the topics discussed at one of Marshall Exteriors free assessments. The difference is that Marshall Exteriors cares about the long term, not the short sale.

Marshall Exteriors offers a wide range of services and products which the installers have extensive training and experience in. The Marshall Exteriors Installers specialize in their own areas. The Marshall Exteriors production team consists of eight specialty crews. The great big team of Marshall Exteriors ensures that when a homeowner decides to start a project with them, they are having their products installed by the experts with a team that cares. 

Get the best results for your exterior renovations with Marshall Exteriors!
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