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Real Photo's Matter

Taking a picture to capture a moment of time is so important for lifetime memories. A picture can bring smiles, tears and laughter as you remember that moment again and again. Even if you are seeing the photo for the first time; maybe it’s a grandparent or parent’s childhood photo that has been stashed away for years. Moments like these bring an awareness of how important pictures are and what they will mean to our kids and their kids.

Today’s technology has changed our ability to preserve every important, fun or goofy moment. Digital cameras are affordable and compact. Cell phones have phenomenal picture quality and the ability to store thousands of photos with sharing and printing options. And the mere cost and wait time on developing photos is obtainable for anyone these days. Most Photo Print Shops have additional options for your photos such as personalized photo books, one of my favorite gifts to give!

For amateur photographers keep these thoughts in mind: take photos in the moment, allow the picture to tell the story and save those posed family portraits for your favorite Photography Studio. Make sure the adults are just as present in the pictures as the kids and your fur babies. Allow your kids the opportunity to be the photographer, don’t stress it, their little thumb in the picture is just a bonus!

So, what do you do with your pictures? Post immediately to social media or store them on your phone for a rainy day, a memory card or computer? Don’t forget to print! Having a physical copy is just as important as taking the picture. Before Facebook there was Photobook, a book filled with printed pictures on photo paper that you can pass along. Think about sitting around after Thanksgiving dinner all lethargic and full, flipping through a photo book of the past. Your family will love laughing at the hair styles and clothing fads, a pouty face or a beautiful embrace (HA…I’m a rhymer!). Such is life, we get older, our kids grow and our memories fade, but we can always look back and remember precious moments with a photograph. 

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