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Cabin Fever? Ways to Heat Up Your February

The 💣“BOMB CYCLONE”💣has hit with vengeance. We have become a hostage to our homes refusing to brave the cold harsh weather on the other side of the door. These endless days of being cooped up can drive us all a little nutty and maybe a bit lethargic. Time to break free from electronic devices and Endless Netflix series’ with 9 activities that will rekindle your relationship or family time. 

  1. CAMP – Set up a campsite in your living room. Pop up a tent, get the sleeping bags, build a fire and get ready to cozy up next to your loved ones. Hots, hams and S’mores make the perfect dinner. String up white lights across your ceiling for a starry night filled with ghost stories.
  2. PICINIC– Set up an indoor picnic for the family or have a romantic evening. Use any blanket or table cloth, a pillow for your tush, some candles (if it’s more of a romantic picnic. Kids and candles might not be the best indoor fun 😊), flowers and a basket. (Perfect idea for Valentine’s Day)
  3. CHOPPED- Invite family and friends over for dinner with a twist. Fill a basket with a variety of foods and challenge your opponent to create an appetizer, entre or a desert. Bon appetite! Winner gets to host next round and the looser gets to clean the kitchen.
  4. SNOW MUCH FUN- Layer up like Randy from “A Christmas Story” and get outside to sled, snow tub, build a snow castle and have a snowball fight. Fill spray bottles with water and food coloring to add a twist to your snowman or castle.
  5. PHOTO BOOTH – Have fun creating memories by making your own “snap chat” filters by finding props in your house or making your own. Set up a photo booth with a back drop and start snapping pics. Take the pics and create a fun photo album that won’t disappear after 24 hours.
  6. GAME DAY- Bring out all the board games or create some fun new games. Have you heard of the Saran Wrap game? All you need is some prizes, Saran Wrap and dice. 1. Wrap all prizes in Saran Wrap. 2. Start to unwrap the ball until someone rolls a double, pass it on Keep the prizes you unravel during your turn. Find prize ideas and rules from Must have Mom.
  7. SPA DAY- Turn your home into a spa. What you will need is some relaxing music, cucumber water, a crockpot to keep your towels warm and calming scents to fill the air. Then your choice of treatment; mani, pedi, massage, facial or treat yourself and do them all. You might need some assistance on that massage 😊
  8. GET OUT- Check out EVENTBRITE  for local events. Or enjoy a classic activity like going to the movies, ice skating, checking out the latest attractions at the museum or challenge the family to a game of bowling.
  9. ART DAY- Get in touch with your inner Van Gogh and create some art. Have a tone of broken crayons? Grab a canvas from the local Walmart or Michaels, stick the crayons on the canvas and melt them with the blow dryer. Find inspiring ideas for every artist on Pinterest You can even use the pictures from your Photo Booth day to add a personal touch.
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