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Prepare for the Changing Weather

Soon the wind will be blowing colder and the frost will begin to build. There are many things that you can do to protect your home and these items will, in turn, make your family more comfortable.

Inspect your windows

While it may be easy to sit back and say that you take good care of your windows and they are "fine". There are a few easy steps you can take to see if they are performing well for you. Move to each of the windows in your home and complete the following inspection:

-Look at the frames of the windows from the outside of the home. See if you notice any warped or rotted wood. If Vinyl, check for warping as well. Is the weather stripping or caulk still intact? If you find that there are gaps, warping or cracks in the caulk or weather stripping there is surely air leakage and infiltration into your home.

-Check the opening and closing of your windows. If the windows rattle it indicates a poor seal giving way to air leakage. Is there any fog or buildup between the panes? This is a tell-tale sign of a seal failure. And finally, are any of the windows single pane glass? These old single pane windows are raising your utility bill as they provide no energy efficiency giving way to high heating and cooling bills.

-Lastly, on a windier day hold the "candle test". With all of the windows closed, hold a lit candle along the edges of each window. When the candle flickers you know that drafts are coming in and air is escaping. Not comfortable with this last test? Call us for a free assessment where we use the science of Thermal Imaging to detect airflow.

If your old windows and doors are drafty and out of style, it’s time for new ones! Marshall Exteriors installs quality replacement windows and doors for those specific problems. Our process of replacing doors and windows is quick and easy, but most importantly, long-lasting. We have a variety of options and custom solutions to meet your needs.

The window and door professionals at Marshall Exteriors can guide you through the whole process of choosing replacements, from start to finish. We want to be sure you get the finished product you imagined. Contact us for our hassle-free installation process that begins with a no-obligation, Free Assessment.

Get the best results for your exterior renovations with Marshall Exteriors!
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